About Us




Hi, Amy here!

I figured I'd let you guys in on who I am, the face behind Lavish Rose Boutique! Below you'll find all you need to know about me, including my favorite things to do, eat, drink, and more! Feel free to add Lavish Rose on our social media accounts and stay connected for new updates!

Most days you can find me on pinterest searching for house decorating ideas with a coffee in my hand or catch me shopping at HomeGoods or Target for all of the things I don't need!

I am mostly known for my obsession any kind of books + Brown Sugar Shaken Espressos from Starbucks! Some other things I love are my husband Stephen & our crazy toddler Easton. (I will update this page very soon because these pics are so outdated 😂)

I love the idea of having clothing that women of all kinds can feel comfortable and beautiful in! Whether it's a lounge-set to wear around the house or a complete outfit for a night out, I want you to feel like YOU and be the best you that you can be! 



If you're dying to hear more, here are five more things you might not know:

  1. I really enjoy painting & honestly just making any craft makes me happy!
  2. My FAVORITE time of the year is Christmas. I love how warm and cozy the season feels!
  3. I love fuzzy socks :) 
  4. Besides working, I actually do not like to be on my phone. I'd rather be present and enjoy the people around me instead of constantly checking my phone!
  5. I am madly in love with my best friend Stephen <3